Plane diverted over 'knitting' seat recline row

The plane, a Delta Air Lines flight from New York to Palm Beach, was rerouted when Amy Fine, 52, became angry at an older woman who had flipped her seat back.

It was the third time in a week that a row had erupted about reclining seats while a plane was in the air.

According to another passenger, Aaron Kiplin, Ms Fine had been trying to take a nap on her tray table when the seat began to recline, hitting her in the head.

"This woman sitting next to me knitting tried reclining her seat back, the woman behind her started screaming and swearing," said Mr Klipin, to News 4. "The flight attendant came over and that exacerbated what was going on."

The woman allegedly then began swearing and demanding that the flight land. The captain eventually came over the loudspeaker to inform passengers that he had no choice but to bring the flight down in Jacksonville.

A spokesman for Delta said a local law enforcement met the flight and removed the passenger. The plane later continued to West Palm Beach.

Last week, a tall man became agitated when a woman in front of him reclined her seat on a flight from Miami to Paris. He allegedly lost his temper and was then arrested by air marshals, forcing the flight down in Boston.

That followed a United Flight being diverted to Chicago after a man prevented a woman from pushing her seat back using a Knee Defender, a $24 plastic device designed to protect tall people's legroom on flights.

She apparently responded by throwing water in his face.

The Telegraph, London