Plane spotters' Dreamliner comes true

''THERE it is! Oi! Look up in the white clouds. Do you see it?'' The group looked up as one.

Silence befell the crowd of 50 or so, who only moments before had been chatting.

And then, with the touchdown of wheels, the cheer went up.

Aboard the Dreamliner down under

Come inside the Boeing 787 Dreamliner as it flies around Australia, part of its worldwide tour.

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, the jet the aircraft company has promised will ''revolutionise air travel'', had landed in Brisbane for the first time.

Plane spotters, or ''aviation enthusiasts'', as they preferred to be called, had driven to Brisbane Airport's unofficial viewing deck, a small piece of grass at the end of Acacia Street, hours before the jet was due to land, to secure the best position.

''Why am I here? Because of that beautiful plane that has just landed,'' said an excited 16-year-old, Brock Little, while standing on a ladder to get a better view.

Brock had driven from the Gold Coast with friends Luke Porep, 17, and Jessie McLean, 16, for the landing.

Griffith University bachelor of aviation students Blayne Kingston, Thales Calil, Cortnee Jeremy, Tilan De Costa and Jonathan O'Neill didn't even try to contain their excitement.

''It's the future,'' Mr Kingston said. ''It's our future,'' Mr De Costa added. ''We'll be spending the next 30 years on that thing.''

But for veteran plane spotter Alan Bright, who first became addicted to watching the ships of the air 30 years ago, the 787 cannot compare to the sleekest dame of the skies, the Concorde.

''Nothing will, in my opinion,'' he said. ''I flew on it once in 1989 for three hours. You went to 60,000 feet, so you could see the curvature of the earth. Instead of just seeing blue sky, you could see the curvature above that. It was amazing.

''And no matter how many times you'd seen it, when it was coming in to land, everyone looked up. Everyone. It was beautiful.''

As for Boeing's latest offering, ''well, it looked quite nice'', but the classic 747 remained the favourite.

And opinion among many of the enthusiasts was that the 787 was ''skies ahead of the dugong'', by which they meant the Airbus A380.