Qantas puts faith in Brisbane to upgrade ailing fleet

Wi-Fi on Qantas 'a good idea'

4BC reporter Scott Mayman interviews Qantas passengers using Wi-Fi technology to watch movies and shows, finding it's "easy to use" but needs "more kids stuff".

Qantas is investiing nearly $15 million in its Brisbane Airport operations and will create 500 jobs to upgrade the carrier's 767 fleet of passenger jets.

The first of the refurbished 767 jets has already taken to the skies,  with flights between Brisbane and Sydney, and between Brisbane and Perth.

Brisbane workers - and the additional jobs created by this project - will lead the way in the future of inflight entertainment and comfort.

As part of the refurb: Gone are the daggy pale cabin features and cloth seat interior, not to mention that TV monitor hanging from the ceiling. It's the one many of us have hit our heads on,  as we look for our assigned seat.

Instead, customers can stream TV programs, or a movie, on an  iPad.

Passengers on a recent Brisbane to Sydney Flight trialled the new technology.

One father said it was ideal for his child as it kept him entertained and busy on the flight, but there weren't enough options.

A Qantas spokesman says the Brisbane operations have been a huge success and will be used as a base for future fleet upgrades.