Reader tips: Best way to get around New York and more



You hear a lot about its legendary subway but after spending a fortnight in New York City we found buses the ideal way to get around this incredible city.

A MetroCard is cheap and reloadable, can be used for both transit systems and while the subway is often quicker there is so much more to see above ground from their far less crowded buses. You may even encounter the occasional driver who will happily drop you off beyond their designated stops.

John Skillington, East Albury, NSW


I had read the book Cider with Rosie, written by Laurie Lee, at school in the 1970s and determined that one day I would visit the village of Slad in Gloucestershire, England, where it is set.

On a recent visit to England my husband and I did just that. The village is perched on the verdant Wolds, the Woolpack pub is about three-metres-wide and fortuitously a local who had known Lee was drinking at the bar. We had a very entertaining 45 minutes. A satisfying visit capped off with homage paid to Lee's grave in the serene churchyard opposite.

Christine Park Strauch, Moorabbin, VIC



On a recent trip to Sydney for the Vivid festival we loaded up our Opal Cards to use the local transport due to Sydney roadworks and the obvious congestion of a major event. When we arrived at Circular Quay we found we could use our credit card to tap on and tap off. The total charge on our credit cards for each trip was only $1 while our Opal Card-carrying friends were charged the correct fee.

Using your own card makes it a lot easier for travellers who aren't used to the Sydney system or may not have purchased Opal Cards. Warning: separate your cards or you could be charged twice.

Kim Simpson, Lakelands, NSW


The best solvent for sticky label residue is eucalyptus oil ("Sticky business", Tip-o-meter, May 26). Use only on a passport cover. Just one drop on a tissue should suffice. Wipe gently then remove any residue with a warm damp cloth and leave to dry in open air to remove any odour.

Jeanne James, Seaford, NSW

To remove unwanted baggage tags from passports and luggage I use a product called Citra Force. For passports, just spray on the area of the sticky mess and rub in slightly. Wipe off with a moist rag after a few minutes.

As for unwanted stickers on luggage, spray over them but wait a little longer for maximum affect. The stickers will peel off.

Mike Hand, East Brisbane, QLD

I have found eucalyptus oil will remove sticky labels and their residue on anything (I just tried it on an old passport and it doesn't appear to cause any damage to the cover), and it will also remove that terrible scourge of chewing gum from shoes and clothing. You may have to peel off the top glossy layer of a label so the oil will soak into the paper below

Derek Morley, Newport, NSW


Regarding the cover story in your special islands and beaches edition (Traveller on Sunday, May 27), and as someone who grew up in Guernsey, I can assure readers they will be sorely disappointed if they expect to find "warm seas" there, as stated. Good weather in October would be a dodgy bet, too. Apart from that though, do visit.

Carolyn O'Brien, Richmond, VIC