Readers' travel tips: I used my credit card travel insurance and the service was great


I have seen several letters recently from readers who have been less than happy with their complimentary travel insurance. May I share my experience, which is quite the opposite.

We had travel insurance through ANZ Visa with QBE. When my wife was taken ill on holiday and had to be hospitalised, QBE could not have been better. Their telephone response was fantastic and staff always extremely helpful.

They opened a case for us even without our supplying all the necessary paperwork. Someone from their medical support team would ring practically every day just to see how she was and whether there was anything they could do to help. And after we returned home and finalised the claim, they paid out everything, even when we didn't have receipts, for example taxis. They said they knew we had to take taxis to go back and forth to the hospital and could estimate how much it cost.

Of course people should check the policy details to make sure it suits their needs, but based on our experience, I would have no qualms recommending this cover. It's a shame ANZ is changing over from QBE to Allianz but hopefully the service will continue to be just as good as it was for us.

Steve Davidson, Warrawee NSW


On the basis of Belinda Jackson's article about The Frames at Paringa near Renmark (Traveller, March 12), my husband and I stayed there and it was a wonderful experience. The accommodation (Pastiche) was perfect, with the bedroom looking out on the Murray River. There was everything there one could possibly want – including a sauna and pool.The staff were friendly, and the highlight was Rick taking us out on the Murray for six hours, exploring the different creeks and having lunch on a secluded bank. Altogether it was a wonderful two days, and we would definitely recommend staying there. Paringa is only a three-hour drive from Adelaide.

Susie Crivelli, Whale Beach, NSW


In December we recently undertook our seventh trip to Europe and strongly recommend this time of year to visit Europe; it was a magical atmosphere with Christmas markets, the bracing cold weather, heartwarming food and especially the lack of crowds!

Rhoda Silber, Manly, NSW



The "Road blocks" letter (Tip-o-meter, April 8) interested me. Recently I travelled to Broken Hill via Adelaide as this day there wasn't a suitable connection via Mildura. I chose Virgin from Melbourne to Adelaide because they transfer one's luggage to the ongoing Rex flight. Road works also delayed me and I joined the check-in queue 50 minutes before my flight. However, a Virgin staff member was on the floor, calling out people from the queue as flights were about to close. A further long delay at the desk while they worked out how to transfer my luggage wasn't helpful. Nevertheless, thank you Virgin, I made my flight!

A couple of weeks ago in very bad weather it took me two hours rather than the usual 45 minutes to get to Tullamarine from a Melbourne suburb. Fortunately this time I was picking up my husband rather than flying out.

Miriam Young, Kyabram, VIC