Record number try to take guns on US planes

Los Angeles: Airport security staff in the US uncovered a record 65 firearms on passengers boarding planes last week, surpassing the previous record of 50 firearms.

The Transportation Security Administration reported 54 of the weapons found at airport security checkpoints around the country were loaded and 19 of those had rounds chambered.

The guns ranged from a snub-nosed revolver uncovered at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, to a 9mm handgun at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and a musket at Orlando International Airport. The firearms were uncovered from May 17 to May 23, the TSA said.

Passengers are allowed to travel with guns under certain conditions, such as packing the weapon in checked luggage and declaring it to the airline. When TSA officers uncover guns on passengers or in their carry-on bags, they contact local authorities to investigate.

A passenger at Salt Lake City International Airport was arrested by local police last week after TSA agents discovered a loaded .22 calibre gun strapped to the flier's prosthetic leg. The gun was detected by a full-body scanner.

In addition to the guns, TSA reported uncovered an assortment of other weapons, including throwing knives, inert hand grenades and stun guns.

Los Angeles Times