Ryanair's latest scheme: wide doors on planes

Budget airline Ryanair wants to widen its doors to speed-up turnaround times in its latest money-saving scheme.

The Guardian reported this week that the Dublin-based carrier was hoping to boost its profits by allowing passengers to get on and off its planes in twos.

The airline is in talks with a Chinese aviation company for a prototype budget-carrier jet with extra-wide doors.

"The Chinese are willing to listen to what we want," Ryanair's chief financial officer Howard Miller told the Telegraph. "A plane manufactured by Boeing or Airbus is a one-size-fits-all. We want two people to walk through the door."

According to the Guardian, Ryanair is interested in the state-owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China's planned 200-seater C919 aircraft, which is being developed to rival the Boeing 737's 189 passenger capacity.

Miller told the Guardian that Boeing and Airbus were not interested in a bespoke aircraft.

"Boeing and Airbus will look at you as if you have two heads if you have a bigger door," he said.

Ryanair is notorious for its cost-cutting schemes. Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary's ideas have included charging passengers to use on-board toilets and standing-room-only tickets.

- Fairfax NZ News/stuff.co.nz