Sign of conflict: Give me Brisbane Any Day sign changed

Give me Brisbane Any Day? Not in Ipswich, apparently.

Under the cover of darkness on Tuesday, a person or persons unknown proudly reclaimed a bit of Ipswich turf surreptitiously taken by Brisbane.

A billboard in the city bellowing the marketing catchphrase Give Me Brisbane Any Day was changed to read Give Me Ipswich Any Day, a popular move that prompted the honking support of passing motorists on Wednesday.

Ipswich City councillor Paul Tully joked the rivalry between the two cities was one to match a much greater one capturing public attention on Wednesday.

“The rivalry on Suncorp Stadium is not the only rivalry in southeast Queensland today,” he said.

“It’s not quite as serious as a declaration of war but it’s certainly upholding our honour.

“We’re a city, the first provincial city in Queensland, the second city in Queensland and we have gone through a lot over the years, so there’s a lot of pride in Ipswich.”

He said when the billboard was placed in the heart of suburban Dinmore a week ago, some Ipswich residents clearly took it upon themselves to tell Brisbane Marketing what they thought of the marketing slogan of Queensland’s capital being on their turf.

“Each one is fiercely proud of their own area, not like we want to have a punch up but it’s one of those things, we are not part of Brisbane, we are a provincial city in our own right,” he said.


“It’s on the main road out of Ipswich and people are not happy with the Give Me Brisbane Any Day slogan because they’re from Ipswich, not Brisbane.

“Putting it right in the suburbs in Ipswich people confronted with it every day suggesting Brisbane is better.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk declined to buy into the rivalry, saying the campaign was about promoting all of southeast Queensland.

“We’ve seen a bit of a ‘Tully tanty’ today, but it’s not about that, there’s no boundaries, it’s south east Queensland we’re fighting for and the entire Brisbane region will be the benefactor,” he said.

A Brisbane City Council spokeswoman said the act was not part of the Brisbane Marketing campaign.

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