Snow white with envy

Ever noticed how the snow is always whiter, dryer, deeper and longer on the other side? How often have you arrived at a ski resort only to be told "you should have been here yesterday, last week, last season, July 24 in 2001" by those that were?

Snow envy exists world wide as the snow gods decide to pour their powder love on one destination and neglect another. Last year Australia was the favoured snow god child, this year it is New Zealand and social media is filled with gloaters in sheep's clothing (pun intended) taunting Aussies on the other side of the ditch with their smart phone pics tagged #nofilter.

The trouble is, looks can be deceiving and if you don't get there on the day that photo was taken, you could end up with wind-impacted, hard-packed snow, even ice and high winds keeping chairlifts from running. Then I can say that, can't I, as I'm currently writing from what the Kiwis would say is the wrong side of the snow ditch.

But you make the most of what you've got, right? And Australia has smartly invested big dollars in lots of snowmaking so we can still ski whether the snow gods like it or not. One look at the webcams in Australia right now and you'll see plenty of skiers and boarders going for it because the snow making means they can and the storm last weekend has helped them along the way.

One look at our #misssnowitall instagram feed this week shows how Australian resorts can go from drought to drowning in snow in one weekend, which we did. Though 'drowning in snow' may be an over statement there was still plenty of it.

Am I envious right now of the snow in New Zealand? You damn bet I am.

I have been known to cancel trips to American snow mecca states that have long relied on the bounty of snow they have been blessed with for years. Then, bam, out of nowhere, a snow drought and marketers are banging their heads over the snow-making they never thought they needed. They could learn a lot from us, those Americans. 

Marketers will say who needs snow to have a great ski holiday, right? But what's a Bloody Mary without vodka? Vegetables in a glass.

Surely it is as much about the people you are with as the snow you ski on. True, but that is when long lunches in the sun on mid mountain decks, dancing till dawn to live music, day spas and wine tasting come into play because they have to not because you chose them first. 

I had a shocker of a time in New Zealand last year, with high winds and torrential rain preventing us from getting to the snow we were there to enjoy so we went sky diving, clay pigeon shooting and curling instead. Fun, fun, fun.

But who am I kidding? These were all mere distractions from the frustration of not getting to make turns in the powder we longed for, made all the more frustrating by the stunning views of alpine peaks covered in the white stuff. First world ski problems.

Am I envious right now of the snow in New Zealand? You damn bet I am. At time of writing Mt Hutt is boasting a three-metre base (though the road to the mountain is closed) and further south Treble Cone has two metres in the Saddle Basin and received a thirty centimetre snow storm earlier this week.

Even South America is being loved more than we are. Portillo in Chile has received three and a half metres of snow fall this winter already and makes me wonder what we did to make the early season gods so mad. Was it my over boasting of conditions here last year?

Don't mind me, though, it is, after all, early season, a mere mid July. Better meteorologists and weather nerds than I will tell you the snow, and lots of it, is on the way, but then so is my tax return and I'm praying for both to be a windfall. Bring it on.

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We asked veteran snow photographer, Chris Hocking (follow him on instagram @hockster111), regularly published in ski mags around the globe, to judge the five instagram finalists from last week.

"@joshhimbury mornings at Perisher money shot wins IMO. For composition, rule of thirds, colour & lovely silhouette lines."

Congrats to Josh.

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