Steal the towels, leave the sex toys behind

A $16,000 necklace, fake limbs, sex toys, a snake, a nun's habit, a riding crop and even a baby are among the items left behind in hotel rooms.

And more female guests are watching porn and stealing, a Novotel hotels survey has found.

However, nudity in hotel hallways largely remains the domain of men.

The valuable necklace was found by staff at The George, which is not part of the Novotel chain, in Christchurch more than five years ago, and its owner is still a mystery.

The George general manager Bruce Garrett said the necklace had been found in a safe.

"We didn't know who the owner was because we found it left in a safe and it could have been there for some time," he said.

"We knew the previous guest in the room and it definitely wasn't theirs.

"It was just a mystery as to who had left it."

Staff had also found sex toys and clothing in hotel rooms, Garrett said.

The other items were found in Novotel hotels in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

The Novotel survey also found that more amorous couples were being caught in the act on hotel security cameras.

There had been a big increase in the number of couples caught "canoodling" in pools, spas, saunas, hallways, stairwells, bars and even storeroom cupboards.

More female guests were watching porn – 12 per cent of all adult movies were ordered by women compared with 8 per cent 10 years ago.

Drinking trends showed Kiwi women were drinking more beer than their Australian counterparts, which might explain why naked New Zealand women were more likely to lock themselves out of their room.

However, men were the most likely to be caught outside their rooms naked, with 71 per cent of all cases being men.

More women were leaving their rooms in a shambles – and flooding their hotel bathrooms.

Females also appear to be the most light-fingered, with bathrobes, hair dryers, cushions and even toilet paper leaving with the guests.

However, it was a couple that stayed at the Novotel St Kilda who were the most brazen thieves. Although staff were suspicous due to the large amount of luggage the couple were leaving with after a one-night stay, they found that nothing was missing from the couple's room.

Moorabbin police later contact the hotel after pulling over the couple and discovering a large amount of hotel property in their car. The couple had left their room intact but raided the housekeeping store rooms and trolleys, stealing, among other things, towels, linen, hundreds of tea and coffee sachets, stationary, boxes of amenities and a portable heater.

Among the hotels' more unusual requests were that 33 rubber ducks be placed in the bathtub before a guest's girlfriend checked in, and that a bath be filled with red wine.

A Novotel staff member had also been hit on the head by a sex toy thrown over a balcony by an angry husband, while another was asked to remove a "hazardous reptile" from a guest's room, which turned out to be a 3-centimetre gecko resting above a bed.

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