Flight Insight by momondo: A new cutting edge tool can help you find cheap flights

The number of passengers travelling on aircraft in any particular month is a fair indication of what your seat is going to cost.

Travel in a less busy month and there is also a greater chance of seat availability for travellers looking to pay with airline loyalty points – but how do you know which are the cheap months?

Comparison site finder.com.au has recently come up with data to show that passenger loadings on aircraft departing Australia are at their lowest in October, at 72 per cent, highest in December at 88 per cent.

Drilling down further into the data, those figures vary with your destination.

If it's Europe, June and December are the peak travel months. Come October and flight loadings drop by more than 20 per cent from September.

If you're heading for North America, once again June and December are the highs, still with a significant, although smaller, drop in October.

Adding another level of finesse to the data, flight search engine momondo.com has a cutting-edge tool to help you decide when to book to score a great deal.

Key in your origin, destination and prospective dates at the momondo.com website, hit "Search" then click "Flight Insight" in the upper right corner.

Your screen lights up with a handsome graphic that tells you which week in the year is the cheapest, how many days in advance to book to get the best deal, which airport costs least to fly into, the cheapest day of the week for your departure and even whether a morning, noon, afternoon or evening flight costs less. 

Before momondo's Flight Insight, no other website has offered such precise and detailed information tailored to each unique combination of origin and destination. 

Savings Plan

Research from finder.com suggests that travellers who use travel money cards will pay about 4.4 per cent more when converting to US, British or euro currencies compared with Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards that waive the currency conversion fee.