Taking items from hotel rooms: What can you take from your hotel room?

Chances are you've come across something in a hotel room that would look just swell in your own home, but a grand piano? Or what about that flat-screen TV, the bar fridge, the mattress, toilet seat, curtains, kettle, coffee machine, hair dryer or carpets, because these are some of the items that hotel managers have recorded as absent without leave.

Mostly it's the sneaky thief that does the damage. Light bulbs, the batteries from the remote – really? – are popular, as are the consumables in the bar fridge.

The water substitute in the miniature gin and vodka bottles, the whiskey that gets replaced with weak tea, the hole in the bottom of the beer can, the chocoholic who eats the back half of the chocolate and leaves the front intact, wrapper facing out – hotel staff have seen it all. 

However there are a few items that are yours to keep. Any of the soaps, shampoos and conditioners in the bathroom are fair game, once opened they're simply replaced so you might as well.

Water bottles are fine as long as they're free, those towelling slippers are the ideal footwear for your next flight. Stationary, all yours, including any writing instruments. 

You can put those bathrobes in your suitcase, but you'll often find a note in the room saying that, while you're welcome to take them, you'll be charged. So you're effectively "buying" them.

If you're tempted to go further, remember that the hotel has your credit card details and it's absolutely no problem for them to debit your card with the replacement cost of any items that might have accidentally found their way into your luggage. 

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If a friendly taxi driver asks what hotel you're staying at, what he wants to know is whether or not you're a well-heeled traveller. 


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