The Trip: Delhi & Udaipur in Rajasthan


NAME: John Peterson, Bayview, NSW

THE TRIP : INCREDIBLE INDIA – Delhi and Udaipur in Rajasthan

THE ITINERARY: Sydney to Delhi , then flew to Udaipur for a five-night stay at Rosie's Lakeside Retreat, where we were   looked after very well by Rosie and her trusted housekeeper, Aju.

Breakfast and dinner for five days was enjoyed at the popular Rainbow Restaurant, with wonderful views  over Lake Pichola.

Amazing to visit the shimmering lake by boat, with the colourful purple hue of the hills in the background created by the polluted haze that is India.

We visited the wonderful palaces, including the Jagmandir Island Palace in the lake and the City Palace on the mainland . Also visited the "spice and vegetable" markets of Udaipur travelling by tuktuk – the traffic in India has to be experienced to appreciate what great conditions we have back home.

Decided Udaipur was the most romantic spot on the subcontinent of India.

Returned by plane to Delhi to prepare for the big wedding and have a few dance lessons along the way before the amazing event held in the heart of Delhi.


What a fabulous wedding ceremony India puts on. It felt like half the population of Delhi attended. Two event firms did a wonderful job feeding us all. The bride was naturally beautiful and we all enjoyed the many hours of ceremony and musical entertainment, before the next morning ,when we had to fly back to Sydney armed with lots of memories, photos in hand and very sore feet from dancing "Bollywood style " at the wedding.

BEST BITS: Meeting the wonderful people of Delhi and the Indian wedding with 600 guests.

WORST BITS: Vaccinations and long queues for an Indian tourist visa in Sydney .

BEST TIP: Visit incredible India at least once in your lifetime.

All thanks to a very special wedding invitation . Take some DEET, as the mosquitoes are even found in the big hotels .

John Peterson

3 Kiewa Close

Bayview NSW 2104