The ultimate flight wish-list

There's often plenty to complain about on planes, but what makes a flight enjoyable? Diana Plater names her wish-list for perfect flying, whether in business or cattle class.

- Very experienced pilots

- Flight attendants who answer your requests promptly and who also don't assume you know how everything works - including how to recline the seat - and then turn out all the lights;

- An entertainment system that never breaks down, is easy to use, doesn't go back to the beginning by mistake every time you hit pause, or has a really obvious pause button;

- Good selection of movies (fewer rom coms), TV programs and music including a change in selection more often in case frequent travellers (eg Business travellers) have already seen all the movies;

- Service that comes around even during sleep times in case you need something such as a a cup of tea - without having to call;

- Comfortable headphones that block out other noise and don't hurt your ears;.

- Seats that lie flat or go back easily - and enough leg room in Economy;

- An even temperature - not too hot or too freezing cold;

- Good face moisturiser (very rarely available in Business Class packs);

- Comfortable pillows and blankets and eye masks;

- Non-annoying, quiet fellow passengers, who also keep control of their children and babies (much as we sympathise). And that includes passengers who can handle their alcohol;

- Good light food that doesn't leave you feeling bloated;

- Clean bathrooms;

- Not having to climb over other passengers (when in Business Class);

- Smooth flights, little turbulence;

- Choice of aisle or window seats - never having to sit in a middle seat again;

- No seats put back in your face - especially when eating;

- Sleeping pills if all else fails.

Have a good flight!

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