The wedding ring that comes with a catch

Some might argue they all do, but this one at least has a clever and practical edge to it.

Men care about their wedding bands, too. That's why California-based machinist and designer Jess McWhinney created a collection of rings for men that he calls “Active Wedding Rings for Active Men”.

McWhinney, who has a background in bicycle and skateboard design, created a line of titanium and stainless steel wedding bands that have a watch-like clamp that makes it easier to take on and off.

“Why do women wear their wedding rings, but men don't?” McWhinney asked Fast Co. Design. “It's not just because men want to be slutty, although that happens. It's usually because it doesn't fit well, it's uncomfortable, or it interferes with work or play.”

According to Fast Co., men tend to buy rings on the bigger side in order to fit them over their knuckles. And for $US825 to $US3750 ($888 to $4040), “Active” bands solves that problem in style.

“Its always been a pet peeve of mine that the woman always gets the cool, valuable ring, while the guy gets the afterthought, boring metal band,” McWhinney told Fast Co. “But guys don't want a blingy diamond on their ring. It's just not our thing. What we do want is something that is functional, well made and kinda trick, so we can show it off to our buddies.”


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