The world's unhealthiest countries

Admittedly, I'm not much of a salad man. Going to a restaurant and ordering a salad is like going to a pub and ordering a coffee: pointless.

But even I can only take so much of eating unhealthy food around the clock.

When you're travelling, it's always a battle to find food that's good for you. It's tempting to just grab meals on the run most times – it's cheap and simple, but it's usually about as healthy as a Macca's fry vat.

Sometimes you just can't afford food that's good for you; other times, you can't decipher the menus in order to get what you really want. And then sometimes, the country you're in just doesn't offer any healthy food.

These are the worst offenders. Put some extra holes in your belt if you're heading there.


Granted, food in the US has changed a lot, but most of it still tends towards the burgers-and-fries food group. And what about the portion sizes? You think you've been served food for the whole table, but it's really just your appetizer. For those of us who feel compelled to eat everything put before them, it's a nightmare of gluttony.


Mexican food isn't just good – it's freaken awesome. Tacos al pastor – a glorious collision of tacos and kebabs – just might be the best food ever invented. But after feeding your face from taquerias for a few days, it begins to dawn on you that this isn't just the best option, it's the only option. Go on the hunt for some steamed vegetables in Mexico – you'll have crossed the border before you find any.



In the big cities like St Petersburg and Moscow the sushi craze has hit hard, meaning at least you can get something that feels semi-fresh and healthy. Outside of those cities though, prepare yourself for stodge. Dumplings with sour cream, boiled meat, bread stuffed with more meat ... it's good hearty food, but it ain't that healthy.


It's called Greece, but it really should be spelt Grease. Sure, there are fresh salads and lovely grilled meats if you're in the right place, but the majority of main meals you'll be served in Grease will be swimming in the stuff. And the worst thing is, it all tastes incredible.

The Netherlands

Proper Dutch people, I'm sure, eat perfectly well. They all seem skinny enough, so it's a fair assumption. For the traveller, however, it's pretty hard to find anything that hasn't come fresh from the deep-fryer. Chips with mayonnaise are awesome. Frikandels are great. Krokets are an absolute must. But those windows at the Febo don't seem to hold any salads...


The Scots can deep-fry anything. Mars Bars, cans of Coke, pizza ... if it's already a heart attack waiting to happen, then you can bet the Scots have figured out a way to batter it and deep-fry it. They would deep-fry actual heart attacks if it were possible. That said, there's something disturbingly alluring about a deep-fried haggis and chips at 3am.


What are you having? Meat. Something on the side? Meat. And for dessert? Meat. Okay, it's not quite that bad, but Argentineans are obsessed with the humble animal, which they cook fantastically, and unadorned with anything so sacrilegious as a vegetable. The only break you're likely to get from this meat-fest is at breakfast. Pastry, anyone?

Czech Republic

Okay, I get it. It's cold outside, so you want something warm, and something filling. So you end up with bread dumplings, which sit in your stomach like cricket balls. You end up with roasted meats swimming in rich sauces. You end up needing to buy bigger trousers. Great country, though.

What do you think is the world's most unhealthy country for travellers?

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