Tips on travelling to London in winter

My daughter aged 19 is travelling alone to London one week before Christmas with plans to do a 21-day Contiki tour of Europe. Any tips on travelling there in winter (i'm a very concerned mum). E Curran, Griffith, NSW

It's only natural that you should be concerned, and recent events in London would do nothing to soothe those concerns.

Stay away from crowds? Not possible in Europe. Against the risk and the fears you might have for her must be set the positives.

Setting off into the world alone at that age is one of the most empowering experiences you can have and fear should not stand in her way.

Knowledge will go a long way towards keeping her safe and the internet has a wealth of information written specifically for women travellers.

Both you and she should read it and have a talk about which advice is sensible and practical.

She should register her travel plans with Smart Traveller, the Australian government's traveller website.

Apart from that, stay in touch and dress warmly. 


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