What are the best options for cash cards and SIM cards in the US?

What are the best options for cash cards and SIM cards for calls and data in the US? Our airfares paid by Visa come with free travel insurance, is this adequate? We are both over 60, travelling with five others. H. Fitzpatrick, Wagga Wagga NSW

Many professional travellers prefer the Citibank Visa debit card and the 28 Degrees MasterCard since they have no currency conversion fees and no annual fees. 

There is no one travel insurance policy that is going to work for all travellers in all situations, and it's not possible to say whether the cover that comes with your credit card is adequate for your needs.

It's vital that you read your policy's product disclosure statement and make sure you're comfortable with the level of cover it provides. 

AT&T sim cards get good reviews for country-wide coverage and prices for their pre-paid cards are competitive.

You can buy AT&T sim cards at Walmart and Target stores in the US.

You can also buy one in advance from USA Pre-Paid Sim Card, usaprepaidsimcard.com.au, although at a higher price. 

Since there are several of you travelling, an even better solution might be to hire a Mi-fi device, a portable Wi-Fi device that allows you to create your own network and connect several phones, tablets and computers to the internet at the same time, tepwireless.com


Google Maps are a fantastic way to find your way when you're walking around a strange city and Google lets you download most city maps to your smartphone or tablet for offline use, no expensive data connection required. 


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