Too loud, too drunk: Germans name top annoying tourist habits

Holidaymakers annoyed by tourists from a certain northern European nation nabbing the best sunbathing spots may finally have some solace: the Germans hate that too.

According to a new poll, one of the things that most irritates Germans on holiday is when their compatriots reserve the best sun-beds.

But if there's one thing they dislike more than a German towel on their sunlounger it's the other people at the resort.

In a survey of 8100 Germans carried out by travel operator Urlaubstours, the Russians and the British were voted the least popular nationalities - for being too loud and too drunk.

Around 65 per cent of those polled said they had had bad experiences with Russian tourists and 43 per cent with Brits, who additionally displayed poor table manners, the survey found.

Poles ranked third with 29 per cent, also for being too loud and too drunk.

Germans themselves came fourth with 18 per cent because they blocked the sun-beds and were rude, Urlaubstours said.

The Dutch came next with 15 per cent, followed by US nationals with 14.6 per cent.

Germans also disliked the Chinese for lacking table manners and the French for being rude and unfriendly, the survey said.

By contrast, the nationality the Germans get on with most on holiday are the Swiss, with 96 per cent of those polled saying they had not had any bad experiences.

Austrians came next with 93 per cent and the Japanese with 92 per cent, the survey found.