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Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Best place for a family trip with culture, food and Frank Lloyd Wright

Our family of four is planning a three-four week holiday in June 2018 with art and culture, food and architecture with emphasis on Frank Lloyd Wright. Either northern Italy, Slovenia & Croatia, or east coast US. E. Liu, Dulwich Hill NSW These are two really great destinations, either of which would satisfy your criteria.

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A group of women from the Red Dao tribe in Sapa Northern Vietnam.

The best place to visit in Vietnam in January

Our family party of seven adults has a nine-day holiday in northern Vietnam in January. We would like suggestions of where to go after meeting up in Hanoi. Is Sapa overly touristy? N. Bowman, Reid ACT Sapa is popular, but not in January, it's seriously cold and often misty and possibly raining and the rice terraces won't be green.

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Injuries are the third highest reason Australians require consular assistance while overseas.

Where Australians get into the most trouble

Where are Australians most likely to run into trouble overseas? Most likely to require hospital treatment? Most likely to lose their passport - and most likely to end up in prison?

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