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Polignano, Puglia.

The nine biggest things in travel right now

You might think travel exists outside of fashion and trends, that all of the world's destinations are always open to us to visit so there's no "cool" and "not cool" – but you'd be wrong.

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Tuk Tuk drivers are notorious for scamming unsuspecting tourists out of a few dollars.

A guide to 10 common travel scams - and how to avoid them

Earlier this spring, I watched a young, solemn man dressed like a Buddhist monk approach a tourist on the National Mall. He showed him a petition to build a temple and slid a bracelet made of prayer beads onto his wrist. The visitor was pulling money out of his wallet when I intervened and told him the truth: He had fallen for a scam.

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The highly forgettable Seychelles capital of Victoria.

Don't bother: The world's 10 most pathetic capitals

The phrase ''capital city'' makes most of us think of power, cultural heft and grand buildings. But some of the world's capital cities really don't live up to the billing …

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