Travelex Money Cards: A smarter way to access your Aussie dollars overseas


Heading overseas in the near future? With the Aussie dollar on the slide against major foreign currencies, you might want to think about just how much your Aussie currency will buy you when you get there. Over the last three months our dollar has fallen by 8 per cent against the British pound and 7.4 per cent against the euro. Against the US dollar, the fall is 4 per cent.

If that slide continues you'll need more Aussie dollars to pay for hotel bills, meals, souvenirs and other travel expenses, but there is a simple solution. Buy your foreign currency now and you can lock in your Aussie dollars at their current value, allowing you to better plan for your holiday. And while there are many banks and institutions that can satisfy your foreign currency needs, there's no better place to do this than at Travelex.

Travelex has been looking after the financial needs of travellers for more than four decades and has over 70 currencies available for sale. Over that period Travelex has made the business of buying foreign currency a simple, streamlined process. You can buy foreign currency in-store, where their friendly sales consultants can help you with your foreign currency needs, or you can do it online, where there's no commission, and you can pick up your foreign currency from any Travelex store or any one of almost 3000 Australia Post offices.

Best of all, you'll also get a great rate on whatever foreign currency you buy. Independent comparison websites have verified that Travelex's online foreign exchange rates provide the best value versus the competition.

While it's great to arrive at your destination with some local currency in your wallet, an even smarter way to take your money overseas is with a Travelex Money card. Just as when you purchase US dollars or British pounds in banknotes, you buy foreign currency which is stored in your travel money card until you need to use it, locking in your Aussie dollars at their current value. You know exactly how many euros, New Zealand dollars or Thai baht you've got to spend without having to fret over exchange rate fluctuations. Travel money cards are safe and convenient, allowing you to store up to 10 of the most popular currencies on the same card. You can use your travel money card to pay for goods and services, and withdraw local currency from ATMs all over the world.

Unlike most bank-issued cards which typically charge a fee every time you withdraw from an overseas ATM, Travelex doesn't charge a cent. Most cards will also charge you a foreign transaction fee every time you use them overseas, which can be up to 3 per cent. That won't happen with a Travelex Money Card. You can also make contactless payments wherever you see the universal contactless symbol. Just tap and go, no signature or PIN required.

Topping up your card with more funds while you're on the move is quick and easy, especially if you have the Travelex app loaded onto your smartphone. One quick tap and and you can check the balance on your Travelex Money Card.

Another plus – the Travelex Money Card gives you free Wi-Fi access at any Boingo hotspot, and there are literally millions around the globe.


Finally, the Travelex Money Card comes with peace of mind. If your Money Card is lost, stolen or damaged, Travelex's 24/7 Global Assistance comes to the rescue with a replacement card, or emergency cash.

Obtaining your Travelex Money card is simple. You can purchase it from any Travelex store or order online at and collect from any Travelex store in Australia, and you're ready to go.

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