Tree House Mystery

For over 30 years, almost every time I’ve driven along (or being driven) the Hume Highway near Campbelltown, I’ve remarked to my passengers about the large tree house type structure that looms large on the side of the highway near Menangle. I’ve never managed to discover its purpose.

Have you noticed it?

It’s amongst some trees about 100-metres off the side of the road just after the odometer check starts, between the Nepean River Bridge and Moreton Park Road.

Earlier in the week, I thought it was finally time to get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all. So while driving back from Sydney I pulled off the highway, scrambled up the grass embankment, and snapped this photo in the hope that someone will know its origins.

An update to this story was published on 30 June 2012. Click here to read it.