What Iran is like for independent travel

My husband and I are thinking of travelling to Iran in December for three weeks. What is Iran like for independent travel, we are not drawn to organised tours. Is three weeks enough? A. Steinfort, East Ivanhoe, Victoria

Some travellers do travel independently in Iran and you can find plenty of feedback on the internet.

If you're an intrepid traveller, resourceful, experienced and not deterred by swimming in unfamiliar waters, amazing experiences await.

Australian passport holders can obtain a 30-day airport visa upon entry to Iran.

You will be asked to provide either a sponsor's name or an itinerary with hotels reserved in advance, and you can expect that this will be checked.

Alternatively, obtain a visa from the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Canberra with the same information and this is usually an easier option. As an alternative to fully independent travel or an off-the-shelf organised tour, many travellers use the services of an English-speaking guide and driver. 

Uppersia, uppersia.com/, gets good reviews.

Three weeks is plenty but December is going to be cold. The average daily temperature range for Tehran in December is 0-10 degrees. 

Prime time is mid-March to mid-May and September to the end of October.


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