Woman gets tattoo in bid for island job

A woman has tattooed a permanent advertisement for Queensland's Great Barrier Reef in her bid to score a $150,000 tropical island dream job.

More than 2,000 desperate job seekers have joined the queue to become Hamilton Island's new caretaker.

Their 60-second video clips uploaded to the competition's website show people from Mongolia, Romania, Turkey, Brazil and the Vatican bragging, begging and singing for the job.

A Queensland woman's clips shows her visiting a tattoo parlour to have a 10-centimetre tattoo spruiking her love for the reef engraved on her arm. YouTube comments on the video claim the tattoo is a fake, pointing out that the tattoo is not protected and the skin is not red, as it should be, after getting a tattoo.

A Greek woman promises to do laundry for every Australian if she gets the job.

A Swiss Olympian, 48-year-old ex-British Army session commander and Italian doctor are also keen for the job.

The site had by this morning received four million hits with one million unique visits, the unprecedented rush causing it to crash yesterday.

It's expected more than 10,000 will apply by the February 22 cut-off date.

The six-month stint will require the successful applicant to bunk in a luxury villa, explore neighbouring islands, swim, snorkel, discover wildlife, and the locals.

They will also blog - or brag - about their island adventures.

Applications are open until February 22 and 11 shortlisted candidates will be flown to Hamilton Island in early May for the final selection process.

An announcement will be made on May 6 with the contract beginning on July 1.

The applications can be viewed at www.islandreefjob.com