World's best hotel swimming pools: 10 resort pools you're going to want to dive into right now

Is there a finer feeling in the world than diving into a hotel pool after a long day of being a traveller? It's instant relaxation; instant bliss. And, of course, when that pool just happens to be beautifully designed in a stunning, unique location – all the better. These are some of the world's finest spots to take a dip.

Tierra Patagonia, Chile

Who says you have to be somewhere tropical to enjoy a dip? The infinity pool at the Tierra Patagonia hotel in southern Chile has beautiful views across a lake to the Paine Massif, in the Torres del Paine National Park. Fortunately the pool area, part of the Ume Spa complex, is encased in glass, meaning you can enjoy a swim regardless of the sub-zero temperatures outside.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This is the classic urban swimming oasis and one of the world's most famous piscine attractions: the infinity pool at the top of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Perched 57 storeys above ground, with commanding views across the city, this is one great place to take a dip at any time of day or night. Non-hotel guests are able to purchase day passes.

Hanging Gardens of Bali, Indonesia

Anyone who fails to be impressed by this multi-tiered rainforest infinity pool is, well, hard to impress. The Hanging Gardens is known for this unique body of water tucked away near the town of Ubud, the perfect spot to relax and pretend that reality just isn't a thing anymore. The pool is designed to make you feel is if you're floating above the forest – a nice thought, you'd have to agree.

Somalisa Camp, Zimbabwe

This isn't the most luxurious pool you've ever seen. It's not the biggest, it's not the best designed and it's not in the most spectacular spot. What it does have, however, is elephants. You'll be hanging out in this pool in the middle of Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, minding your own business, when a whole herd of elephants will arrive and start drinking from the nearby waterhole. Amazing.

Amangiri Arizona, USA

There aren't many pools that can claim to be truly unique, but this is one of them. At the Amangiri in Arizona, USA, the pool isn't so much "at" the desert, as "of" the desert. A large part of said desert, this longer finger of rock, forms part of the pool area, reminding swimmers and sunbathers where they happen to be.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Italy

Just in case it wasn't luxurious enough to be staying in a grand hotel on the shores of Lake Como, watching as multimillion-dollar boats go floating past while you dine on Michelin-starred food, there's also the Grand Hotel Tremezzo pool, which floats on the lake surface. It's known as "water on water", a way of swimming in Lake Como without actually swimming in occasionally chilly Lake Como.

Lake Argyle Resort and Caravan Park, WA

There's something amusing and seriously great about a property with the words "caravan park" in it boasting world-class pool. And the Lake Argyle Resort and Caravan Park in Western Australia can do just that, with this beautiful infinity pool that commands one of the finest views, out over Lake Argyle in the east of the Kimberley, in the land. Hitch up the caravan and get there pronto.

Monastero Santa Rosa, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is one beautiful place and you have to be doing pretty well to build something that accentuates that beauty. The Monastero Santa Rosa has done that. This elliptical infinity pool blends perfectly into its surroundings, offering swimmers stunning views of the Mediterranean, while offering everyone else stunning views of the design.


Soho Farmhouse, England

How's this for luxury: a pool within a lake, a converted boatshed that now houses swimming areas both indoor and outdoor, a beautiful space in which to relax regardless of the state of the fickle Oxfordshire weather. But don't expect it to come cheap: Mark Ronson had a birthday party here; David Cameron has been a guest. Swimming inside a boatshed is so hot right now.

Belmond Residencia, Spain

Truly great design doesn't so much dominate its environment as work within it, which is what this lovely spot at the Belmond in Mallorca does. While swimming in the pool you can soak up the atmosphere of the village of Deia, looking out over terracotta roofs to the olive-tree-covered Tramuntana Mountains.

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