YouTube star Natalie Tran launches government's travel app

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has joined forces with YouTube sensation Natalie Tran to unveil a mobile application for the government's travel advisory website.

The nerdy duo demonstrated how to use the Smartraveller web app, which is designed to make the services of the website more accessible, at Sydney Airport.

"We are working hard to adapt to the changing needs of travelling Australians," Mr Rudd said in a recent release.

"It is vital that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's consular services are as effective and accessible to as many Australians as possible."

The Smartraveller website has also been overhauled, he said.

"Smartraveller has well and truly entered the digital age, that is why we are re-launching the website," Mr Rudd said at the launch of the updated website and mobile app.

"It's cleaner, it's clearer, it's more intuitive, it's easier to navigate."

The site will also link to social media platforms and embedded videos.

Ms Tran, a YouTube blogger from Sydney who blogs under the nickname communitychannel and has around a million subscribers, said a strong online presence was essential for a service like Smartraveller.

"Two of my favourite things are travel and spending time online ... and I, like many other Australians are finding more and more that the two worlds go hand-in-hand," Ms Tran said at the announcement.