Actor Sam Neill slams Sydney Airport over luggage delay

Kiwi acting legend Sam Neill has starred in The Hunter, The Hunt for the Red October and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, but now's he been left hunting for his luggage at Sydney Airport.

Arriving at the Australian airport from the Philippines on Thursday morning, Neill faced a lengthy wait to see his luggage once again.

With no sign of his luggage on the event horizon, it was a bad omen and Neill could no longer remain dead calm, tweeting after finding himself in the mouth of madness.

"Disgraceful luggage chaos this morning at Sydney Airport," he tweeted. "One and a half hours wait for baggage from Manila - Cebu Airlines 5J41. Not even a busy morning."

Neill received an online outpouring of sympathy.

"Sydney airport is the most infuriatingly mediocre airport I've ever been to," wrote one commentator.

"Sydney Airport is hell with check-in counters," wrote another.

Although not everyone sided with him: "Wow first world problems."


Cebu Airlines blamed technical problems for the delay.

"There was a delay in retrieval of luggage by some of our passengers aboard Cebu Pacific Flight 5J 41 (Manila-Sydney)," Cebu said in a statement.

"Whilst the flight arrived at Sydney Airport at 9:50 am, as scheduled, the incident was caused by a jam in one of the belts of the baggage conveyor. The jam resulted in an estimated 20 to 30 pieces of luggage stuck inside the baggage belt system, which could not be retrieved by the staff. Sydney Airport technicians had to be called in to fix the fault in the system.

"All bags that had been stuck were retrieved at around 11:00am. We regret the inconvenience caused by the incident and thank our passengers for their patience and understanding."


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