Buried treasures ? the beach was a delight for country kid Anne Fulwood (bottom right).

Places in the heart: Anne Fulwood

Lazy days at Adelaide's beaches with the promise of fish and chips at twilight is what television's Anne Fulwood looks forward to when catching up with family.

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Verdant ... (left) the stunning colours of Maximilian's vineyard; (above) Bridgewater Mill.

Supply and gourmand

Just a short drive south-east of the capital is an easy-to-navigate trail of gastronomic delights, writes Max Anderson.

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Cross our heart ... (from left) dining in the restaurant car; winding through the outback; Santa's a hit with children ...

Laughing all the way

Santa's overdressed for the Nullarbor, but the show must go on, and on, writes Mal Chenu.

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