Hagen Arms - 'By Appointment to His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh -1867'

Echunga - Places to See

Quiet village near historic goldmine ruins.
Located 34 km south-east of Adelaide, Echunga is a quiet, sleepy little place servicing the surrounding area. It is only 8 km from Hahndorf and perhaps the only building of significance in the town is the pub, the Hagen Arms, named after the first European settler in the district, John Hagen. The town takes its name, reputedly, from an Aboriginal word 'eechungga' which may mean either 'a short distance' or 'close by'.

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The old Police Station Museum

Mount Barker - Places to See

Mount Barker (including the Porongurups)
Gateway to the Porongurups
Located 359 km south east of Perth on the Albany Highway, Mount Barker is the gateway to the beautiful Porongurups. It is a small and pleasant town surrounded by gently rolling hills and with a charming, winding main street.

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The Castle Restaurant in the Adelaide Hills on the way to Lobethal

Lobethal - Places to See

Historic German village in the heart of the Adelaide Hills.
Located 33 km from Adelaide and 410 metres above sea level, Lobethal is a pleasant and substantial village with its roots deeply embedded in the early history of South Australia.

  • Contains:
Warrawong Sanctuary

Mylor - Places to See

Home to the famous Warrawong Sanctuary
Located only 27 km from the centre of Adelaide (take the Longwood Road through Stirling and keep heading south), Mylor was surveyed in 1885. The plan was to break the area up into 20 acre blocks to be farmed under a bizarre scheme by a South Australian politician, G. W. Cotton. The plan was to provide the land to white collar workers who had settled on the orchards in the area. The idea was that they would work these 'waste lands' on their weekends. It was a kind of early version of the phenomenon of city people working small holdings.

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Picking grapes in the Adelaide Hills (pic: S.A. Tourism Commission)

Mount Barker - Places to See

Mount Barker
Major service centre in the Adelaide Hills
Located only 35 km from Adelaide on the South Eastern Freeway, Mount Barker is the major service centre at the southern end of the Adelaide Hills. Where most of the other towns in the Hills have a decidedly 'village' feel, Mount Barker is a substantial commercial centre.

  • Contains:
The Milang Railway Museum

Milang - Places to See

Small township on the shores of Lake Alexandrina
Located 76 km south-east of Adelaide, Milang is a small community (permanent population of around 350 people) on the shores of Lake Alexandrina. In fact it is the only town on the shores of the lake. It is characterised by many attractive historic homes but its isolation (it is off the beaten track) has seen it remain relatively underdeveloped where the nearby town of Goolwa has developed rapidly as a day trip/holiday resort town for people from Adelaide.

  • Contains:
Austin's Cottage.


Bridgewater (including Granton and Austins Ferry)
Once an important causeway, now a commuter suburb of Hobart
Located only 19 km north of Hobart, Bridgewater is located on the main north-south crossing of the Derwent River. As such it has been an important market town and is, today, a developing commuter suburb.

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People walking in the park at Strathalbyn


Strathalbyn (including Langhorne Creek)
Delightful and attractive town on the River Angas.
Located only 57 km south of Adelaide, Strathalbyn is one of the most attractive towns in South Australia. It is not surprising that it is a classified Heritage Town. Its appeal lies primarily in the way the centre of the town runs along the Angas River and is characterised by a large area of parkland, known as the Soldiers Memorial Gardens, which is ideal for walking and picnics. A feature of the park is the delightful Childrens Bridge which was completed in 1919.

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