Air France 'France is in the Air' ad: The most beautiful airline ad ever?

We all know Air New Zealand changed the game with their entertaining in-flight safety videos featuring models, Hobbits and All Blacks, but Air France may have just won it with their beautiful 'France is in the Air' airline advert.

With over 50 million views and counting, the ethereal clip has been named by Think with Google (the market research platform for the search engine) as the most popular video created by a travel brand in 2015 so far.

And upon watching, it's not hard to see why. 

Air France's 'Love is in the Air' advert has been viewed close to 60 million times.

The advert, directed by Paris-based creative agency BECT, is very Parisian in its simplicity and beauty. It draws the viewer into a fantasy world where perfectly turned out women swing gracefully to a remix of LA pop-synth group Glass Candy's 'Warm Winter.'

The ad was broadcast in France and various other countries around the world and was promoted on social networks like Vine.

The clip follows on from Air France's equally as aesthetically pleasing inflight safety video.