Air New Zealand flight attendant reveals safety routine to avoid creeps when checking into hotels

A video of an Air New Zealand flight attendant revealing a hotel security check routine clocked up 64,000 views on social media, before it was suddenly deleted.

The video showed the procedure flight attendants go through when entering a hotel room while away for work.

The voiceover explains: "As a flight attendant, the first thing I do when I get to my hotel room is a quick security check."

She then explains the first step is to put her suitcases in the door to hold it open.

The cabin crew member, in full uniform, then shows her first step. "I check under the beds, and I also check behind the curtains.

"I then open up the wardrobe and make sure nobody is hiding inside, and then into the bathroom, and I check behind the shower curtain."

She then gives a thumbs up to the camera, before explaining that she always ensures the latch across the door is locked when she's in her room.

The video was viewed more than 64,000 times on TikTok, but was deleted soon after Stuff Travel enquired with Air New Zealand.

The airline's General Manager of Cabin Crew, Viv Vincent, said Air New Zealand's crew were very safety and security conscious when travelling on domestic and international routes.


"The security sweep of a hotel room isn't a standard operating procedure, but our crew are taught and encouraged to do one as a precaution. This is standard practice across the airline industry.

"The safety of our crew and pilots is paramount, so we have teams that are sent to vet all hotels before any Air New Zealanders stay there as part of their duty travel," Vincent said.

Airlines often get security specialists to teach staff how to do the security sweep.

Other flight attendants have also posted similar videos to TikTok, with creator @cici_inthesky explaining her series of checks when she enters a hotel room.

She follows a similar routine to the Air New Zealand cabin crew member, but also ensures her peephole on the entry door is closed. If it doesn't have a cover, she stuffs tissue paper inside it so that nobody can see inside.

She puts a bag in front of the door, and a washcloth on her door latch and then explains why in a comment.

"I put the bag in front of the door so nobody can stick a wire under the door and open the security lock along with towel as backup."

There have been several reported attacks on cabin crew in recent years. In 2019, a Canadian flight attendant was followed back to her hotel room in Mexico and beaten unconscious. In 2017, a man was sentenced to 55 years in prison after sexually assaulting a crew member who checked into a Detroit hotel.

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