Wildflowers near Alice Springs.

Red centre, green tinge

Graham Simmons puts his best foot forward on a walking tour of the lush surrounds of a rain-refreshed central Australia.

  • Contains:
Hot air and red dust ... ballooning over the Red Centre.

Centred in the desert

Daniel Scott sleeps under the stars, eats bush tucker and meditates on an outback journey of self-discovery.

  • Contains:
Hiking the Larapinta Trail in the West MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory

Star-spangled banter

LONG before Oprah unleashed the cliches about the Red Centre of this wide, brown land, another colourful American, called Big Jake, was all over it.

  • Contains:
Put routes down ... the Chillagoe Caves west of Cairns.

Into the wide, found land

Lee Atkinson traces six great journeys of six great Australian explorers across deserts, rivers and ranges.

  • Contains:
Sunburnt country ... the massive granite Devil's Marbles near Tennant Creek.

The heartland hop

Four days on a Greyhound hardly seems the ideal outback holiday, but Sue Williams has some tricks in mind as she embarks on the longest bus ride in the world.

  • Contains:
Into the valley ... boulders dot the landscape.

Palm Valley, NT

Jurassic in the outback

Craig Platt ventures into Palm Valley, a desert oasis of primordial landscape in the Finke Gorge National Park.

  • Contains:
Sunburnt country ... the view from Finke River.

Drawn by a legend

Fifty years after Albert Namatjira's death, Joanne Lane traces the source of the artist's inspiration.

  • Contains: