A quiet service centre in the Darling Downs.

161 km south-west of Brisbane, 58 km from Toowoomba and 467 m above sea level, Allora is known as the 'best little town on the Downs'. Its name is probably a corruption of the Aboriginal word 'gnallorah' meaning 'swampy place'. If it is accurate translation it would be an apt description for this pleasant little town which is located at the point where the New England Highway crosses Dalrymple Creek.

The area around the present-day site of Allora was first explored by Europeans in the early 1840s. Grazier Patrick Leslie moved into the area in 1840-1841 with a stud of combined merino and German sheep.

The area gained in importance when the government of New South Wales decided to establish the town as an outpost. In 1859 the site was surveyed and became a municipality a decade later. The town prospered as a service centre for the agriculturally rich surrounding districts and as a stopover point for the itinerant workers who travelled through the area en route from Warwick to Toowoomba. Its chances of ever becoming a major centre disappeared when the Toowoomba - Warwick railway bypassed the town.

Things to see:

Allora Museum
Perhaps Allora's greatest attraction is the replica of the Talgai skull (an Aboriginal cranium estimated to be 15 000 years old) which is kept in the Allora Museum, previously the town's courthouse, built in 1860. It is open from 1.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Sundays but can be opened at other times by contacting (07) 4666 3647.

Main Street
The main street is full of well-preserved historic buildings. It is well worth exploring as it has a distinct old world charm.

Commercial Hotel
Herbert St
Allora QLD 4362
Telephone: (07) 4666 3415

Talgai Homestead Guesthouse
6 km west of Allora
Allora QLD 4362
Telephone: (07) 4666 3444
Rating: ****