An expat tells: What to know before you visit Long Island City/Manhattan


I live here…

Long Island City/Manhattan 


WHO Denise Green, 71, visual artist and author 

FROM Brisbane, living in New York for four decades

SEE Louis Kahn's Four Freedoms Park, on Roosevelt Island, is the architect's uplifting memorial to Franklin D. Roosevelt and his policies. Adjacent to Long Island City (LIC), the "room" is constructed of massive blocks of rough granite, each 1.8 metres thick, with 2.5 centimetre spaces between them offering slivers of views of the city.  

DO Stroll around the city's major hub, Columbus Circle, with its commemorative statue of Christopher Columbus. A commission is currently investigating whether to remove the statue because opinions about Columbus have changed so much. I am deeply interested in how we collectively and individually remember historic events, and explore it in my exhibition at Gallery 9 in Sydney this 

EAT Mu Ramen is a 22-seat restaurant in Long Island City. To avoid a long wait, you'd be wise to get there when it opens at 5pm. The absolute must-eat is the signature dish Mu Ramen, an oxtail and bone marrow-based soup, limited to only 20 bowls a day. 

DRINK My studio is in Long Island City, one of the major artistic hubs of the city and LIC. Bar is a classic New York City bar in Long Island City.  Order a draft beer or single-malt scotch and head outdoors to the garden,

AVOID The MTA (subways) especially on weekends because of delays due to endless construction projects. The Long Island Railway is worse. To get around walk, take a bus or order an Uber.