Polar Pioneer

Trust the Zodiac

Visiting Antarctica is invariably described as a life-changing experience. Lynne Whiley heads there on a 10-day expedition and discovers why.

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Orion Expedition Cruise Ship

When nature is the star

Expedition cruising is taking off, with new vessels and journeys to tempt intrepid travellers, writes Louise Goldsbury.

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Liz Pope

Off to the Antarctic

Sydney's Liz Pope will spend the summer months at sea in Antarctica and South Georgia aboard the comfortable, ice-strengthened Polar Pioneer.

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Orion Cruise ship. Photograph by Orioncruises.com.au.    SHD TRAVEL SEPT 19 CRUISE SPECIAL REPORT AUSTRALIA CRUISING.

Be an in-betweener

If you love sea days rather than visiting a port every day, have time to take a cruise of 15 or more days and are looking for a bargain, a repositioning cruise could be just the thing.

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