Abandoned Soviet tank in Antarctica.

Cold War relics frozen in Antarctic memory

Moments in time are perfectly preserved in the freezer of Antarctica. By a summer lake in a valley about 400 kilometres west of Australia’s Casey base, the Cold War still endures, overlaid by the thawing of glasnost.

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Penguins welcome the Peregrine Voyager to the Antarctic.

A southern snowball effect

Is the influx of tourism in the Antarctic Peninsula putting the environment at risk? Erin O'Dwyer reports.

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Large Gentoo Penguin (Pygoscelis papua)rookeries - the biggest in the Antarctica Peninsula.  Named after JMA Cavalier de ...

Voyage into the ice

The ride is rough but Jordan Baker discovers a journey to the coolest continent is all that it's cracked up to be.

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Tracking endangered wildlife like polar bears in Churchill, Mantioba is part of the trend for 'tourism of doom'.

Endangered sites see boom in 'tourism of doom'

Tracking endangered wildlife in politically troubled, impoverished Zimbabwe might not seem the ideal holiday spot but it's in hot demand in the travel industry's latest niche market -- "tourism of doom".

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Cruising on thin ice

Today's cruise ship incident demonstrates once again that tourism in Antarctica is not without its risks, writes Tim Elliott.

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