Australians frustrated at time spent booking travel online

Australians love all things we travel. We love thinking about it, talking about and planning it – or so we think.

According to a new research by travel search engine, 25 per cent of Australians spend over half their annual leave planning and booking holidays each year.

This means one in four spend almost as much time per year searching for holidays as they do taking them, with 31 per cent abandoning their searches halfway because they become frustrated with booking travel online, saying that it takes too long.

Time spent searching is not the only thing irritating Australians. Hidden costs was the number one gripe, outranking fluctuating prices, confusing websites and information overload.

While online travel booking has made searching for cheap flights, bargain accommodation, and tour and cruise deals more accessible to the average Australian, the amount of time spent planning and booking holidays has largely remained the same over the past three years (86 per cent of those surveyed indicated they did spent the same or more time planning).

The survey revealed 33 per cent of Australians are also more preoccupied finding flights and accommodation deals than researching things to do at their destination. 

However, holiday satisfaction levels has also largely remained the same, with 58 per cent saying the more time spent planning and booking did not necessarily make the holiday more enjoyable. 

Remarkably, the survey revealed that 27 per cent of Australians spend less time deciding on a location to live than booking an overseas trip, with 21 per cent of those surveyed saying they booked a holiday while in bed and 1 per cent booking their holiday while commuting to or from work.

Top destinations Australians are searching 

1.    Los Angeles
2.    London
3.    Melbourne
4.    Bali
5.    Sydney
6.    Bangkok
7.    Auckland
8.    Singapore
9.    New York
10.  Tokyo