Bali visa requirements: Australian tourists to get visa-free entry into Bali

Australia is among 47 countries Indonesia will add to its visa-free list as it strives to draw more tourists.

Maritime Coordinating Minister Rizal Ramli is quoted in Indonesian media on Tuesday saying he brought forward the move from January 2016 to October 2015 to capture the whole holiday season.

Immigration director general Ronny F Sompie confirmed that Australia was on the list of countries to be added to the visa-free list.

Reports earlier this year quoted Australia as being excluded from Indonesia's visa-free travel list. 

In March, Indonesia said Australia would be excluded from a list of 45 countries to be offered visa-free travel. Tourism Minister Arif Yahya told reporters, at the time, the government would start waiving visas, starting from April, for citizens of several Asian and European countries and asked for reciprocity. Mr Yahya said the same policy would not be applied to Australia.

Currently, Australian tourists pay $US35 ($A49.95) for a 30-day visa to enter Indonesia.

Australians travellers were the third largest group of foreigners visitors to Indonesia in 2014 after Singaporeans and Malaysians, according to the Indonesian statistics bureau.

They accounted for 12 per cent of of Indonesia's overall foreigners visitor numbers in 2014.

AAP with Fairfax Media