BBQ Buoys: Party on the River Torrens in Adelaide on a giant donut

If you've ever fantasised about hosting a floating barbecue on a giant donut, your dreams have now come true.

When Martin Kloeckner and his wife Andrea moved to South Australia from Germany they wanted to bring the popular concept with them, setting up shop along a quiet strip of the River Torrens in the city called Pinky Flat, normally only utilised by rowers or paddleboats.

Called BBQ Buoys, the donut-shaped boats made of a thick, sturdy plastic can fit up to 10 people.

They come equipped with a central grill, interchangeable table top or 'beverage bowl' and a large overhead umbrella.

You can choose to "chill and grill" or relax with friends over a few drinks and music on a sunny Adelaide afternoon, at a safe speed of six knots an hour.

The BBQ Buoys can be used for barbecues, picnics, kid's parties or even business functions.

You can't BYO due to licensing restrictions but you can buy alcohol from BBQ Buoys to take on board (for example, six bottles of wine for $120, and a six-pack will cost you $29).

While the driver can't go over the limit other passengers can drink as much as they want (in moderation of course). Snacks can be purchased, but you'll need to bring your own food.

Prices start from $49 for two people for an hour, and go up to $239 for 10 people over two hours.


There are, of course, no toilets, so you'll have to pull ashore at designated spots along the Torrens should nature call.


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