Beacon, Western Australia: Travel guide and things to do

Located 42 km north of Bencubbin and 333 km northeast of Perth, Beacon lies on the northeast border of the wheatbelt. Beyond it lie the marginal grazing areas which eventually give way to uninhabited desert.

With a population of only 100 people (there are many more sheep and cockatoos) this is not a thriving centre - although it does have a farm machinery sales yard and an impressively large wheat silo.

Things to see

Karoon Hill Area
The main attraction in the region is the Karoon Hill Area which is 50 km northeast of the town. It is noted for its birdlife including Major Mitchell and Red-tailed Black Cockatoos. Nearby, on the Bimbijy Road, are the large and impressive granite outcrops of Mount Churchman and the Dromedaries.

For tourism information, see Wheatbelt tourism website.