Bellbrook, New South Wales: Travel guide and things to do

Bellbrook is located 474 km from Sydney via the Pacific Highway and lies 46 km north-west of Kempsey on the main road between Kempsey and Armidale. Although it is classified by the National Trust as a heritage village most travellers will be surprised by the listing as the only building of real historic importance seems to be the pub.

The area was settled by timber cutters and graziers in the 1830s. For most of the century there was very active antagonism between the local Aborigines and the settlers and consequently the settlement was slow and small scale. It wasn't until 1882 that a Post Office was built and it was duly named Bellbrook. Today it is a sleepy little town notable for its Post Office and its access to the excellent fishing along the Macleay River.

Things to see

Macleay River
The drive from Kempsey to Bellbrook is particularly pretty. The road follows the Macleay River and there are a number of spots where the traveller has spectacular views of the river making its way through the valley.

Bellbrook Hotel
Although rather unassuming from the outside the Bellbrook Hotel is quite fascinating inside with many of the original features and much of the historic charm carefully retained.