Big Bogan statue unveiled in NSW town of Nyngan

Joining Australia's grand list of all things big - from a pineapple to a koala - comes the Big Bogan, who stands proud with his mullet, stubbies, singlet and a Southern Cross tattoo in the NSW town of Nyngan.

Locals were keen to admire their new five-metre-tall icon, who's a bit of a fishing enthusiast type of bloke with his rod, fish and an esky at his thonged feet, as he was unveiled on Thursday.

"The response has been very good, lots of interest," Bogan Shire Council mayor Ray Donald said on Thursday.

It's hoped the rusted-iron bogan statue in the centre of the 2000-person town will draw tourists.

In true bogan style, stubbie holders and replicas of the statue will hit the local shelves soon.

But with the Big Stubby all the way up in the Northern Territory, the Big Bogan better hope his esky is full.


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