View across the Capertee Valley near Newnes


Interesting ghost town near Lithgow
Newnes is an oil shale ghost town located 45 km north-east of Lithgow in the beautiful Wolgan Valley, 187 km north-west of Sydney. Only the pub, some interesting old coke ovens, piles of bricks, crumbling walls and an old railway tunnel (now alive with glow worms) serve to remind of a time when a large mining community lived here.

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Looking towards Bell from Blackheath


Tiny village at the top of Bell's Line of Road.

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Lennox Bridge east of Blaxland


Large township in the Blue Mountains.

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Autumn poplars on the road from Oberon to Jenolan Caves


Oberon (including O'Connell, Tarana, Gemalla, Black Springs and Burraga)
Isolated township beyond the limits of the Blue Mountains
Oberon is a settlement of some 2500 people located on a chilly plateau, 1113 m above sea-level, 42 km south-east of Bathurst and 183 km west of Sydney. Prime lambs and beef cattle are the main rural industries although vegetable production, tree nurseries, nut tree plantations and bulb farms all play their role. Timber processing by CSR and Boral Timber is a significant secondary industry with wood taken from NSW State Forests, radiata pine plantations and private forest growers.

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