Boeing reveal: What plane cabins will look like in the future

Passengers on Boeing's planes of the future will be treated to calming light shows and ceiling projections of a night sky full of stars.

The US airplane manufacturer has unveiled a concept video for its next generation of plane cabins, which use colourful accent lighting and projections of light and imagery on the ceiling, walls and bulkheads.

"These ceiling projections could be scenes found in nature or helpful information for passengers projected on the walls and bulkheads," said Mike Sinnett, Boeing commercial airplanes vice president of product development.

"Airlines could use these lighting enhancements on the walls and bulkheads to display information about the destination or to project scenes that get passengers thinking about where they're going.

"The possibilities are endless about how this technology could be used."

Boeing's concept video demonstrates the use of mood lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere, and starry sky projections that could help passengers fall asleep.

In business class, platters of sushi and rows of champagne are on display, as well as curved entertainment screens that mean passengers can keep an eye on flight statistics while continuing to enjoy their movies.

But economy class remains cramped, with the video revealing that passengers will be seated 10 across.

Boeing has not released its timeframe for the ambitious cabins, telling Runway Girl Network: "We're working with suppliers, testing the latest in projection technology to support these concepts. They're being tested in physical mock-ups to determine the optimal position for projection and to lessen interference by passengers or crew."

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