Brexit for Australians: How will Brexit change travel to UK for Australians

Assuming that Britain finally withdraws from the EU on October 31, is anything likely to change for Australian visitors? 

Australian passport holders will have the same rights of entry to Britain as they enjoy before Brexit. They can continue to enter Britain for up to six months, and entry has been made easier since we can now use the eGates on arrival at 15 major airports and Eurostar terminals in Britain. However, apart from at those major airports, immigration queues could be longer if, as expected, EU passport holders come to be regarded as "third country" nationals, which slows down processing at immigration desks. Australians will be shunted into the same queues.

A more significant impact could stem from any change in the value of the British pound. Most financial experts are predicting a drop in the pound following Brexit. If that happens, it means a rise in the purchasing power of the Australian dollar, and a cheaper stay in Britain.

On the downside, whether Britain leaves with or without a deal, increased border checks and paperwork will probably lead to a rise in the price of some goods that are imported from continental Europe, such as wines, fruits and vegetables, cheeses and other dairy products.

Australians will still enjoy access to health care in Britain's National Health Service (NHS) system thanks to the reciprocal agreement between the British and Australian governments, and most NHS services are free, although you'll pay for prescribed medications.