Bucket List Must: See the Northern Lights in a Finnish bubble sled

Everyone's bucket list tells a different story. Some want to run a marathon or trek the Inca Trail. Others wish to hike the Grand Canyon or simply learn how to cook spaghetti. Yet there seems to be one common goal that is waiting to be ticked off millions of lists.

1. See The Northern Lights.

It's not hard to see why this quest is so highly desired. This multi-coloured performance of rainbow colours is one of nature's greatest displays and is hunted by many searching for the best artic observation points across the world. The view, however, just got a whole lot better.

It's time to update your bucket list.

1. See the Northern Lights from the warmth of your very own bubble.

UK-based travel specialists, Off the Map Travel, have just launched the Aurora Bubble Sled – a glass-roofed, mobile pod that is whisked into the middle of the Artic tundra for a front seat ticket to the most magical show around. This bubble-shaped enclosure can accommodate up to two guests overnight and four for an evening adventure. With little frills, the pod is well equipped with a thermostat-controlled heating system, bean bags and plenty of blankets to keep their guests comfortable for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The journey begins at Kilpisjarvi, Finland. A small village of around 100 permanent residents that boasts a land of untouched wilderness, glassy lakes and freely roaming deer. At base camp, an expert guide enchants you with the physics behind the Northern Lights (or aurora borealis) and shares light-hearted tales about mythic beings you can spot from your new mobile home.

Upon departure, your bubble sled is towed by snow mobile and dropped into the middle of the a winter wonderland. Tucked in with reindeer skin blankets, hot chocolate and a basket of goodies for tomorrow's breakfast you will be left alone to the wonders of the Artic night sky. With zero light pollution to distract you, it is time to lie back, relax and enjoy the show.

The fun doesn't stop there. With the European region offering endless adventures and cultural experiences, the Aurora bubble can be added to any tailor-made itinerary in Kilpisjarvi. A custom-made four-day, three-night Lapland program offers plenty of excuses to extend your stay by racing in snow mobiles, going on a fishing trip or relaxing in an outdoor hot tub.


The best time for optimal viewing is between September and March with 15 hours of darkness to enjoy the spectacle. This hidden bubble wonder is just waiting to be ticked off your list.

More information: https://www.offthemaptravel.co.uk/northern-lights-holidays/

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