Insider's guide ... the colleges and spires of Cambridge are drawcards for students and tourists.

A degree of intimate detail

Christopher Middleton joins a student-led tour of Cambridge for an insider's glimpse at the famous seat of learning.

  • Contains:
Strahov Monastery

For want of better words

Brian Turner discovers mediaeval treasures, pithy dictums and mischevious desire on a tour of the world's great libraries.

  • Contains:
Fens, England.

A city runs through it

Steve McKenna finds traces of Darwin, Cromwell and Geoffrey Rush, plus a pretty pocket-size town, in the country's damp and mysterious Fenland.

  • Contains:
A study in beauty ... King's College at sunset.

A rival runs through it

Oxford man Daniel Scott steps into enemy territory only to find himself falling for the charms of Cambridge.

  • Contains: