Cathay Pacific uniform: Airline scraps 'skirts-only' policy for female flight attendants


Cathay Pacific have been one of the first airlines in Asia to do away with their skirts-only policy for female flight attendants.

The airline wants to revamp its image in order to "catch up with the times", according to a report by The Guardian.

The policy requiring skirts has been in place since 1946 and reflects the stereotypical flight attendant wearing full make-up and "looking pretty".

Cathay's female flight attendants have been asking for the option to wear pants since 2014.

The agreement was reached with the flight attendant's union, who argued that the skirt invites sexual harassment both on and off planes.

The current uniform requires an above-the-knee skirt with two slits up the back, with black stockings and black shoes.

Most airlines in Australia, the US and UK have long since scrapped the rule, but Asian airlines are taking a while to catch up - with Hong Kong Airlines, for example, still practising a skirts-only policy for its female flight attendants.

It will be a while before passengers will see Cathay's female flight attendants in trousers as the airline states it could take as long as three to five years for a uniform refresh to be put into place.

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