Cathay Pacific's thieving flight attendants cost the airline 'hundreds of millions'

Cathay Pacific is cracking down on flight attendants taking in-flight supplies such as cutlery, champagne and ice cream, the South China Morning Post said, citing company and cabin crew sources.

The Hong Kong carrier started spot checks by security officials at its home base to prevent such theft, long considered an unofficial perk by staff, the newspaper said. At least six employees were placed under investigation on Saturday, the paper said.

The stolen items have cost the carrier 'hundreds of millions' over the years, the Post said, citing the sources. Pots of Haagen-Dazs ice cream are among the most popular items swiped, though they also include everything from wet wipes to company-branded pens, the paper said.

"In view of an increasing number of reported losses of company property, we have informed our cabin crew that random inspections will be carried out," Cathay said in an emailed statement. "We are dealing with cases in a fair and reasonable manner in accordance with standard internal procedure."


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